We take pleasure in work seriously.

We are Whoohoo®. An international recruitment agency for highly educated people. We represent the next generation of top talent in the technical sector, including engineering, construction, life sciences and process industries. We’re here to bring more Whoohoo® to the workplace. Join us!

Whoohoo® is a group of super motivated people. We represent as many different personalities as there are companies. The one thing we have in common is our mindset - The Whoohoo® mindset. Whoohoo’ers are energetic, determined and can’t wait to get started putting their talent to work. By the way, we also make great colleagues. Which is very important when you’re bumping into us at the coffee machine every day.

About Whoohoo®

The definition of work is constantly changing. The next generation doesn’t see making it to retirement as a career goal. Generation Whoohoo® wants to spend their nine-to-five in a meaningful and contributing way.

They would choose meaning over money any day of the week. But that obviously doesn’t mean a paycheck isn’t part of the deal. The fact is that we spend an average of 20% of our lives working.

So if you can make a meaningful difference during your working life, go for it!

Whoohoo® moments

Whoohoo® understands a career isn't just about landing a job; it's about finding a place where your personality can shout. Whoohoo® places your skills where they belong and puts your talents to work.

Check out our video and hear how some of our professionals share their Whoohoo® moment. 

Go to our website www.whoohoo.be for more jobs.

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