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This concept started abroad and has proven to be very successful so now will take off at the Brussels bar, with a very international clientele.

Description de la fonction

Each lawyer is an independent and valued participant of the office handling his/her client files region- and time independently, deciding for themselves where and when to work and how much.

This concept started abroad and has proven to be very successful so now will take off at the Brussels bar.

Experienced lawyers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a qualitative legal background (as of a senior associate level) feel free to request additional information. We are very willing to listen and to explain the concept.


We are looking for

Experienced business lawyers who wish to be part of a young and dynamic internationally oriented law office representing an innovative and unique concept. Thus including Partner level and/or an entire team looking for a new perspective.


The main focus lies on the quality of the legal work offered towards the clients. The expertise and experience of the lawyer is therefore ‘key' and is - by preference - gained in large renowned law office(s). An international background (studies or work abroad or at US/ UK firm) is a plus. Fair fees for every member and full transparency are an evident aspect of their internal culture. You will see the ‘fruit' of your hard work.

From their central Brussels premises, the law office provides all mutual services, infrastructure and support needed, allowing every lawyer to focus on their legal practice and to work remotely or at the offices. This approach allows full attention on the legal aspects and ‘unburdens' the lawyer regarding all direct costs and side aspects such as meeting rooms, office space, admin, IT, reception, business development, invoicing, …

This of course besides a nice collegial atmosphere among the fellow lawyers who participate in mindset of ‘confraternity', freedom and independence.

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    • Master (Licence, Université ou Enseignement Supérieur de Type Long)
    • Au moins 5 ans d'expérience
    • Néerlandais, Anglais, Français


    • Durée indéterminée
    • Temps plein

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