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  • Everyday, 35% of distributed water is lost in homes, buildings and infrastructures. With our technology installed in less than 5 minutes, Shayp instantly assesses water leaks in real-time and dispatches maintenance efficiently to drive down costs. Shayp is a fully integrated service that helps building managers, homeowners and insurers eliminate leaks and related damages.

  • We deliver droneshows as a service in Belgium.  Check more at

  • Space Refinery is a rapidly growing workspace design & build firm. We are deeply in love with humans and their ability to make the impossible possible and we believe our work environment hugely impacts this ability. Our mission is to design and build uplifting and friction-free workspaces for every team so they can focus on their goals while simply feeling great.

  • Stanley Black & Decker is a world-leading provider of tools and storage, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems, with unique growth platforms and a track record of sustained profitable growth. Since 1843, our goal has been simple: provide tools and solutions that make life easier.

  • Welcome to the Jobat company page of Start it @KBC. You will find an overview here of all our startups that made their own company profile, and you will see if these startups have any job offerings. If you want a full overview of other startup jobs, please visit www.

  • Survey Anyplace

    Survey Anyplace ( is a software platform that enables everyone to create personalized & interactive surveys, quizzes, and assessments. The software helps its users not only to collect useful data, but also to return valuable insights to the respondent.

Click on a letter to see all companies starting with this letter