Unova is a young start-up with a lot of potential that provides a holistic data model that enables the frictionless onboarding of real world supply chain entities, the measurement of their attributes, and the tracking of related logistical events.

This identity and  history will be stored permanently and immutably on the blockchain

Sometimes it all starts in a garage,

A bunch of truly talented people come together to build something they believe will change the world for the better.

Many creative solutions are discussed, and pivots happen often. The best ideas need to win. One thing never changes, the mentality of excellence carried by the people in the organization and the willingness to improve and create truly great products. 

It is this idea of being able to do the best work of your life that makes up the difference between a job and a calling.  

Throughout history mankind has created some truly amazing things and once in a while you have an organization that truly revolutionizes an industry. 

It all started with just a few core people that were given the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. And use their talents and skills to drop the first brick in a line of dominos. Setting in motion something that could impact millions of people. 

We are not talking about the famous people you see on tv, nor the big CEO’s or fancy politicians. We are talking about the engineers, the product developers, the creative people, the crazy ones who truly strive for excellence. The people who are on the background creating new amazing things. 

Sometimes it doesn’t start in a garage. 

Sometimes it all starts in an office just like any other. In a small city called Leuven. 

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