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  • Fuse Engineering
    From € 45.000 to € 55.000 per year
    Only 7 days left

    • You will be responsible for ensuring that production processes run smoothly and efficiently. This...
    • You will be in charge of managing the performance of production workers, including assigning tasks,...

  • Fuse Engineering
    From € 100.000 to € 115.000 per year

    • Formulating and implementing robust QHSE policies and procedures to ensure compliance with...
    • Overseeing risk assessments and audits to identify potential hazards and areas for improvement,...

  • Fuse Engineering
    From € 85.000 to € 100.000 per year
    Only 1 day left

    • You will have full responsibility for designing and implementing quality-related initiatives.
    • Your duties include overseeing and monitoring various aspects such as quality controls of raw...

  • Fuse Engineering
    From € 70.000 to € 90.000 per year
    Only 1 day left

    • Conduct proactive analysis to identify any skill or expertise gaps within the organization that...
    • Work closely with AGC ERP (SAP) specialists to pinpoint and execute suitable IT solutions aligning...

  • Fuse Engineering
    From € 61.000 to € 85.000 per year

    • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems in the laboratory.
    • Conduct quality control tests and inspections to ensure accuracy and reliability of results.

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