Visas and residence permits: non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals intending to stay in Belgium for longer than three months have to apply for a “temporary residence permit”, which means obtaining a Type D visa from a Belgian diplomatic or consular post in their country of origin before they arrive.

6 juli 2009


The Belgian authorities grant residence visas to non-Belgians and non-EU nationals for a small number of purposes only: to study, for employment or self-employment (provided the applicant has first obtained a work permit or professional card), for family reunification, for cohabitation and for marriage.

To obtain the residence permit, the following documents are required:

  • a travel document (passport) valid for at least 15 months
  • a certificate of good conduct issued six months earlier at most and covering the last five years
  • a medical certificate issued by the doctor approved by the Belgian embassy or consulate
  • a work permit (More info: Professional cards

In addition, for people who are not coming to Belgium to work, the Belgian authorities require proof (such as a statement from their bank) that they have the adequate financial means to support themselves and their families during their stay, and that they can transfer these to Belgium. They must also produce evidence of health insurance, a certificate of good conduct issued by the police as well as proof of ties to Belgium.

Do I need documents for my family?

A legally certified marriage certificate is required for spouses. And, for spouses and children, legally certified birth certificates have to be submitted. For all family members over 18, a certificate of good conduct is also required.

Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Within three working days after arrival, these nationals must go to the town hall in the municipality in which they have chosen to live to obtain the necessary and renewable Certificate of Registration in the Register of Aliens.

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