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Colruyt Group

Software engineer Java

Java developer

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Colruyt Group consists of more than 20 companies and employs more than 29 000 collaborators. The companies are not only different store formats such as Colruyt, OKay and DreamLand, but we also have a communication office, a meat-processing plant, a technical division, etc. This makes the group one of the largest employers in Belgium. We are a stable company for which humanity and values are of paramount importance. That is why we believe and invest in our collaborators.

Software engineer Java

Description de la fonction

As a software engineer at CCX, Colruyt Group's internal communication agency, you are an indispensable link in realising our online communications. Together with the team, you build the right solutions for our customer-facing touchpoints.
You join a multidisciplinary SCRUM team that works according to the agile methodology. First, you are submerged in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) technology to be able to assume your role as software engineer effectively in the AEM team, which builds websites for Colruyt Group's various brands.
What will you do concretely?
  • You think along with the business partner, the team, the application managers and architects and develop the best digital solution in Adobe Experience Manager, with an eye for the solution's stability and sustainability.
    • You translate the business partner's needs into clean code.
    • You develop and maintain websites and apps, and take care of the necessary unit and integration tests for the developed solution.
    • You share your experience with Java and AEM development.
  • You help increasing our internal competences ...
    • ... regarding technology, testing, automatic deployment, continuous integration etc.
    • ... by joining working groups.
    • ... by thinking in a solution-oriented manner and dealing with problems.
  • In turns with your colleagues, you fulfil the role of 2nd and 3rd line support for our applications. You answer questions from end users, solve incidents and carry out urgent interventions.
You will work in Halle.


  • Training and experience - You have a degree in a technical subject such as IT and have at least 3 years experience in Java development.
  • Technical knowledge -
    • Java 1.8 (or higher) and Javascript
    • Technical tools in a Java environment (git, Jenkins or Bamboo, automated testing JUnit and Maven)
    • Web Services development with RESTful implementations
    • VueJS, React is a plus
    • Ideally, you already have a first experience with Adobe Experience Manager
      • AEM building blocks such as templates, components, dialogs, widgets etc. and AEM development and deployment process.
      • Setup, development and configuration of AEM 6.x platform.
      • Apache Sling, OAK repository or JCR
    • Nice to have: understanding of JEE, servlets and JSP, tag libraries, in combination with knowledge of enterprise Java frameworks (e.g. Spring, Hibernate).
  • Clear communication - You translate your insights and deliver your vision with the necessary persuasion. You are able to communicate with the business partner in an appropriate manner.
  • Analytical thinking - You make connections quickly and maintain the overview. For example, when an adjustment is made to a specific application, you have to be able to anticipate what the influence of your decision is on the other applications.
  • Language skills - You are fluent in Dutch and English.


  • Fringe benefits - Your salary will be completed with fringe benefits (e.g. profit sharing, meal vouchers, hospital and group insurance etc.) in accordance with your experience.
  • Stimulating work environment - Colruyt Group employs over 29,000 people. And still, we are not a number. You are given the space to be who you are and the freedom to take initiative.
  • Team work - You are not alone. If you have any questions, you can always turn to your colleagues.
  • A lot of variation - You come into contact with a lot of employees and collaborate with various partners at Colruyt Group.

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    • Bachelor à orientation professionnelle (Enseignement Supérieur de Type Court)
    • Au moins 2 ans d'expérience
    • Néerlandais, Anglais


    • Durée indéterminée
    • Temps plein

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