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American Embassy

Computer Assistant (Deputy Network Manager)


American Embassy | Close to Brussels Central Station and metro stop Arts-Loi | Durée indéterminée, Temps plein

Diplomatic Mission

Computer Assistant (Deputy Network Manager)

Description de la fonction

Serves as one of three deputy network managers with responsibility to manage all aspects of unclassified computer systems, networks, and devices for the Embassy and the U.S. Mission to the EU. This position has primary technical responsibility for OpenNet cloud systems, Dedicated Internet Network (DIN), official residences, and VIP visit support. He/she is responsible for planning and executing changes and updates in response to mission priorities and backs up the other network managers.  He/she interacts frequently with vendors, non-technical customers and executives to meet expectations and the goals of the Embassy and the U.S. Mission to the EU.


EDUCATION: Two years of post-secondary education in IT or certificate of an IT vocational training from a recognized adult education institute or unemployment agency.  

EXPERIENCE: Three years of progressively responsible experience in the information technology field, involving PCs, mobile devices, and networks. Work experience must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of MS Windows Server operating environment; at least one year of recent experience must be directly supporting PCs, mobile devices, and networks of more than 500 devices.  

LANGUAGE: English level IV (fluency) and level II (working knowledge) in French or Dutch is required. 

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Must possess practical knowledge of a wide range of analytical and diagnostic methods, tools, utilities and procedures troubleshooting networks and systems, local and remote access protocols, connectivity and configuration options for wired and wireless networks. Must be conversant with industry-standard Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) methodology; must be aware of industry trends and emerging technologies and have knowledge of local vendor sources for equipment, services and information on the above. Must have comprehensive knowledge of system administration and network operations, as well as in-depth knowledge about Microsoft Windows workstations and server 2012 and later. Must follow Department regulations and security requirements related to systems and information security.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to manage all aspects of wired and wireless networks and computing devices and to work independently and be resourceful in locating and developing support sources, e.g., vendors, forums and on-line technical help services. Must possess strong interpersonal skills to work with non-technical clients at all levels at post, Bureau, Department personnel and with outside sources and considerable verbal and conceptual skills to discuss complex problems with non-technical colleagues. Must be able to develop plans and successfully convey the need and impact for such to upper management.


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À American Embassy | Regentlaan 27 , 1000 Bruxelles

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    • Bachelor à orientation professionnelle (Enseignement Supérieur de Type Court)
    • Au moins 2 ans d'expérience
    • Néerlandais, Anglais, Français


    • Durée indéterminée
    • Temps plein
    • Assurance groupe
    • Chèques-repas
    • GSM & smartphone

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