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Business developer NEC H2E

Air Liquide Group has ventured into expanding its activities in Hydrogen for mobility. As a result, formidable acceleration of the markets is visible, as a number of stakeholders such as municipalities, transportation companies, technology providers, and even governments are developing projects for H2 mobility based on fuel cells. As the business expands further, it is important to provide the relevant support and integrate the H2E nascent operations within the other areas of Air Liquide through leveraging key strengths and synergies from the core businesses.

Description de la fonction

Mission statement:

Maintain existing and proactively develop new commercial relationships, in order to ensure customer satisfaction over the long run and to capture new business opportunities and to protect AL's presence in the countries under responsibility. Take an active role in making sure the H2E BL will meet its long term profitability targets.

Main Accountabilities

Maintain good relations with existing customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction and actively develop new customers. Ensure contract profitability in order to contribute to achieving H2E's Operational Income target

Ensures an excellent understanding of the market and of its evolution

  • Contributes, through fair analyses and reports, to the development of the AL vision of the markets and its competitive position
  • Setting up partnerships that fit the strategies to be able to enter a new market in a smooth, fast and successful manner
  • Select and propose regularly new markets, Research prospective accounts in target markets, turn leads into a agreements
  • Identify and screen the local market on (public) tenders

Implements H2E Market strategy and action plan

  • Defines per customer segments (use scoring) the main opportunities and threats on AL Profitability
  • On an annual basis, elaborates the sales objectives, ressources and focused actions for H2E in the respective geographies

Write strategy and investment s CPR and RIC documents as well as contracts and presents projects under his/her responsibility

  • Prepares for projects the necessary strategy and investment documents
  • Gain internal alignment for proposed strategy and investment
  • Presents project before the selection committees
  • Define/Propose new contracts that fit the market requirements with the legal department

Orients and stimulates innovation. Ensures innovation protection

  • Encourages field innovation in his/her market and promotes the most promising ones Hub and WBL level
  • Facilitates replication of innovations from other entities

Knowledge and Knowhow specific to the job

  • Must have a good knowledge in industrial / chemical and mobility processes,. Ability to understand the Customers Processes and needs.
  • Must have a good know and experience in complex business development

Management and behavior skills

  • Develop a long term and strategic perspective
  • Showing interest in others' innovations and their dissemination
  • Balancing short term customers' needs with company long term interests
  • Open and mental flexibility to integrate new concepts and ideas


Education discipline: Master or similar by experience

Work Experience: Professional and complex project sales: 5-10 yr, experience in international environment

Foreign languages: Dutch, French and English, professional level

Knowledge and Knowhow specific to the job

  • Understanding of procedures and regulatory compliance for maintenance and operations
  • Strong knowledge of sales processes
  • Technical understanding of physical gas handling and production processes
  • Understanding of Safety procedures
  • Negotiation

Management and behavior skills

  • Promoting and supporting actions towards Safety, Health and environment protection
  • Encourages questioning of established ideas and practices and ask why regularly
  • Striving for continuous sales improvement
  • Strong communicator
  • Analytical skills (financial)
  • Good writing skills for strategy and investment notes


Direct Hierarchy: VP H2E Cluster NEC

Functionally supervised staff: none.

Relations: Country BOS Managers, Cylinder Supply Chain Managers, Country Engineering Managers, Procurement Managers, H2E business developers (Hub/Cluster), country controlling, peers in other clusters, ALAT, ALAB, Customers, Hydrogen associations

Location: Brussels / Antwerp region

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