Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium

Leading brands, great people, growth and the reward that comes with it: the raw materials for success are right here. 
But still, success depends on all our people sharing a thirst: a thirst for exploring new territory, a thirst for pushing limits, and a thirst for the rigour and challenge of a fast-moving business. 
So ask yourself…

  • Do you have a personality with the power to influence and connect? 
  • Can you sustain the pace to keep on growing? 
  • Will you make an impact with your desire to win?
The formula of Coca-Cola has been a secret for over 100 years. And it remains so. But today we'll give you the recipe with a refreshing start for a successful career at the Coke Side of Life. Licensed by the international group “The Coca-Cola Company” 2,700 employees of Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium enjoy daily the experience of a job at the Coke side of life. Fun guaranteed between love brands like Coca-Cola, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Aquarius, Minute Maid and Chaudfontaine. Do you want to be an ingredient of the fluid legend? Come taste a job at the Coke side of life!

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